25 janeiro, 2010

Guitar Hero - Hacked Hero BR



Bom todos conhecem Guitar Hero. Essa versão é modificada, está em português!
Todas as musicas funcionam perfeitamente em todos os níveis de dificuldade!


Outras Informações

Set List
1- Priemiro
AC/DC - Highway to Hell (All)
My Chemical Romance - Dead!(all)
Deep Purple - Rush(all)
Pearl Jam - Alive (all)
S­y­s­t­e­m of a Down - Byob (all)
2- Segundo
Slayer - Angel of death(all)
Rammstein - Das modell (all)
Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief(all)
Rammstein - Keine Lust (all)
Strokes - Juicebox (all)
3- Terceiro
Tenacius D - Wonderboy (all)
Tenacius D - Beelzeboss (all)
Limp Bizkzit - Behind Blue Eyes (all)
Green Day - Welcome to paradise (all)
Fall out boy - Thanks for all the memories.
4- Quarto
AC/DC - Thunderstuck (all)
Korn - Falling away from me (all)
Blink 182 - Adam\\\'s song (all)
Rage against the machine - bombtrack (all)
Mudvayne - Happy ? (all)
5- Quinto
Iron Maiden - Run to the hills (All)
Korn - Freak on a leash (all)
Offspring - Can\\\'t Get my head around you (all)
My chemical romance - i\\\'m not okay (all)
Arch Enemy - Nemesis (aLL)
6- Sexto
Eagles - Hotel California (All)
The darkness - i bellive in a thing called love (all)
Marilyn Manson - Sweet dreams (all)
Marilyn Manson - I put a on spell on you (all)
Daft Punk - Harder,better,faster,stronger (all)
7- :]
Green day - Brainstew (all)
Misfits -Dr. Phibes Rises Again (all)
Charlie Browns Junior - Só Por uma noite (all)
Living In Chaos - Offspring (all)
SOAd - Chic\\\'n\\\'stu (all)
8 - Oitavo
Will You - POD (All)
The doors - Riders on the storm (all)
Gorrilaz - Fell Good Inc. (all)
Nirvana come as you are (all)
Joan Jett - Bad reputation (all)
Mudvayne - Determined (all)
Tenacius D - Tribute (all)
The doors - Light my fire (all)
Led - Zeppelin Dier Maker (all)
Tenacius D - Kickapoo (all )
Tenacius D - The Pick of destiny (all)
POD - Alive (all)
My chemical Romance - Helena (all)
Korn - Y\\\'all want a single (all)
Massacration - Evil Papagalli(all)
Matanza - Ela roubou meu caminhão (all)
Slipknot - Duality (all )
Slipknt - People = Shit (all )
Slipknot - The Heretic anthem (all)
Slipknot - Vermilion (all )
Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People (all)
Sex Pistols - God save the queen (all)
AC/DC - TNT (all)
S­y­s­t­e­m of a down - Boom ! (all )
S­y­s­t­e­m of a own - Chop Suey (all)
Dead Kennedys - Kill The poor (all)
Misfits - From hell they cames (all)
Ramones - The kkk took my baby away (all)



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