11 junho, 2010


Fiz uma seleção de cosplay,não é muitas fotos porque da um trabalhão editar o post, se o pessoal gostar faço mais1709759[1].Os personagens são praticamente Final Fantasy e Bleach.Comentem…….



Balthier e Fran – Final Fantasy XII

2584590[1] final-fantasy-13-wallpaper-serah-001-1280[1]

Serah – Final Fantasy XIII

2570845[1] snow[1]

Snow – Final Fantasy XIII

2570844[1] final-fantasy-xiii-lightning-render[1]

Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII

2570840[1] vanille[1]

Vanille – Final Fantasy XIII

2570837[2] 4239552140_c606763b3c[1]

Fang - Final Fantasy XIII

2570836[1] hoperender[1]

Hope – Final Fantasy XIII

1514047[1] Final%20Fantasy%20X-2%20-%20Rikku%206[1]

Rikku – Final Fantasy X-2

1514054[1] 1189_m[1]

Yuna – Final Fantasy X-2

611704[1] ocelot[1]

Ocelot  - Metal Gear Solid 3 Snack Eater

608242[1] shiba_kuukaku_of_bleach-12777[1]

Kuukaku – Bleach

608229[1] Ichimaru_Gin[1]

Ichimaru Gin – Bleach

608227[1] chara_nanao01[1]

Nanao – Bleach

608209[1] ukitakecomicct8[1]

Ukitake – Bleach

608196[1] hisagi_shuuhei_of_bleach-12655[1]

Hisagi – Bleach

608189[1] nemu[1]

Nemu – Bleach

608172[1] 2176-byakuya_kuchiki_anime_super[1]

Byakuya – Bleach

608168[1] limebarb-soi-fong-ref[1]

Soi Fong – Bleach

608164[1] bleach_matsumoto0004[1]

Matsumoto – Bleach

608150[1] 0702bleach_hitsugaya[1]

Hitsugaya – Bleach

608113[1] retsu[1]

Unohana – Bleach

608048[1] bleach_renji0032[1]

Abarai Renji – Bleach

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